No applications category in Gnome 3.2?

Allan, who is working for several gnome applications, posted an update to the recent gnome status about the development of gnome 3.2. One of the updates planned for the latest version of the desktop is a modified overview mode. There are two important changes to the overview mode compared with the version 3.0. One is a modified buttons (windows/applications) that allow you to view the appropriate category.
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Ready for Gnome 3.2? Meet Gnome Contacts

The gnome developers are hard at work making the first linux desktop, that do not look like a cheap windows/mac rip off, even better. There are stupid mistakes they made along the way, but still Gnome 3.0 gives the best experience free software can offer by default. Obviously there are more feature need to be included to make it a complete replacement for your good old Gnome 2.x. For the time being you can use these extensions to get some functionalities back.

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Ready for Gnome 3.2? The Shell gets world clock

The new Fedora 15 is released and people start to really get a feel of the new Gnome shell 3.0. But not the developers as they are working hard on the next major version 3.2 of the redesigned desktop. One of the changes is that there could be a world clock that is coming to gnome shell. One of the Google summer of coders this year, a person called ‘Stéphane Maniaci’ is working on improving the current incarnation of the clock menu. The new clock is supposedly will have capabilities to display times from different locations.

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Ubuntu gnome remix shaping up; now install with a script

Ubuntu gnome remix or UGR got serious attention partially because of the disappointment on the latest iteration of the Ubuntu desktop and its Unity shell. The Unity although a good idea, falls short of meeting the expectations of many users. Since Ubuntu uses the gnome 2.32 desktop the gnome 3.0 ppa had real issues working well in Natty (11.04). There came UGR with lot of promises to provide a stable ubuntu remix with a vanilla gnome 3.0 and its shell. So, where do they stand now?

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Don’t like Gnome shell? Create Gnome 2.32 panel with Gnome shell extensions

Lets accept it, some users don’t like new shell in Gnome 3.0. There are always a subset of users in every DE who don’t like or need the new iterations of desktops. Some of them are more concerned about the lost functionality (as pointed out in the comments below) in these new iterations. When gnome 3.0 was released and its new shell became the point of attraction, many users were disappointed. They did want their old Gnome 2.32 panels and nothing else.

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Deja Dup (backup tool) to become default in gnome 3.2?

As you probably know after the gnome 3.0 release developers are back on releasing the second iteration of the ‘awesome’ desktop, gnome 3.2. There have been discussions going on in gnome development lists. One of the discussions is about including deja dup backup as default in gnome. This will help to create a unified experience from the start.

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Meet the ubuntu (or rather unity) menu; will you call this an innovation?

The ubuntu desktop never stops to amuse and never stops to innovate. The ubuntu unity packs in with load full of features and one never stops to wonder how much thought have been gone into come up with all those ideas, if only some efforts was also put into the planning and implementation of those nice ideas. Many times I felt that the developers are are so immersed with developing features that they fail to step back and think how to go about the implementation and thus fail to attain the best possible implementation of those features. Instead of as a feature many of these innovations appear to be as an annoyance or a bug.
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Making awesome even better; gnome back to work with gnome 3.2

Just in case you didn’t notice, the much delayed, much awaited, much criticized and, why of course, much enhanced gnome desktop version 3.0 with its brand new shell released last week. (If you not yet tried it yourself, head on to the gnome3 page and grab a copy of the live cd .iso of the next generation desktop.)

There are numerous reviews, praises, ‘hats-off’s, and some complaints in the air around. The gnome team itself was celebrating the release of the ‘awesome’ desktop with parties thrown all over the place. Of coure they needed a break after the ‘loooooooong’ development cycle. But no, they are not gone for ever.
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The inevitable is here : Ubuntu gnome remix

It was predicted since canonical announced unity…
It was anticipated since people tried and disappointed on unity…
It was desired since people saw, tried and experienced gnome 3.0 and its new shell…
It was inevitable since shuttleworth commmented that no classic desktop for ubuntu 11.10…

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Wishlist for gnome (and shell) 3.2

I know gnome 3.0 is just released and people are more or less still getting used to it. As such this may not be a right time to discuss what should be in gnome 3.2. But as for me I am following the development for quite some time and also using it. So I have a fair idea of what to expect in gnome 3.0. Also, without much delay (after a short break of course!!!) gnome developers will be back on work so its our duty to give them something to think upon (what a strategic thinking 🙂 ).

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