There are some users who don’t like the gnome shell way of handling their desktop and looking for ways to get their 2.x style of window management. Unfortunately for them, the ‘fallback’ mode is kind of a rip-off of the old gnome panels. We already showed you how to get the gnome 2.x functionality back to the shell world by using extensions. There was a missing piece in that. It was missing the gnome bottom panel.


Ron Yorston made an update to the extension arsenal and added a bottom panel extension that look and behave like the gnome 2.x bottom panel. There is a window switcher, there is a workspace switcher. You can change the number of workspaces and set to pre-defined numbers, say 4, or 6.


There is also a button at the right end that allow you to access your message tray. You cannot access the message tray using hot corner as it is blocked by the panel.


You can download the extensions from here. The package contain all the extensions that is listed in our get gnome 2.x in gnome shell post plus the bottom panl extension. You need to copy the contents of the particular extension folder to the /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions folder and restart gnome shell (press + and type r and ). This will hopefully make some of you users happy.


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  1. Stephen P. Hill says:

    This article has a static link to a specific version of the file, and your other article has updated this file. 0.2.3 seems to be the current version.

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