It was predicted since canonical announced unity…
It was anticipated since people tried and disappointed on unity…
It was desired since people saw, tried and experienced gnome 3.0 and its new shell…
It was inevitable since shuttleworth commmented that no classic desktop for ubuntu 11.10…


Okay, enough for the drama! Many people raised concerns that they have to decide between ubuntu and gnome not between gnome shell and unity shell within ubuntu (at least for the time being as the gnome 3.0 ppa breaks unity because the latter uses gnome 2.32 instead of gnome 3.0 for 11.04). Also some of them were equally concerned that they have to live without all the ubuntu specific benefits if they want to move to the gnome land.

Rejoice people as a new ubuntu remix has been started. The project plans to release future versions of ubuntu with vanilla gnome instead of unity. The project is in its very early incubation period. The repository is currently being setup to hold the packages. The current plans include to release a cd .iso on the same date of the ‘controversial’ natty release. This version will include gnome 3.0 instead of gnome 2.32. The fallback mode may be available at a later date.

The project already have a launchpad page and a website setup. Find details on their respective pages and if you are interested and if you can please join the team and lend a helping hand.

PS: The website says the project is being remixed by the team at teampr0xy and surprise! surprise!, the project is not approved or sponsored by ubuntu, canonical or gnome in anyway.


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  2. rMatey180 says:

    I like it!!!!

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  4. Kyle Reynolds Conway says:

    I just moved to Debian.

  5. akshay says:

    Really nice to see…but they shud put that much effort too in the project rather than just launching it and waiting for developers to contribute… 🙂

  6. Sinani201 says:

    Mint is always an option as well. It is built off of Ubuntu (I think) and runs on GNOME 2.0.

    • marb says:

      Miny or other distro isn’t an option for everybody. Some people like Ubuntu specific apps (Ubuntu Software Center, Ubuntu One). They love Ubuntu community and still want to be part of it. Only thing they don’t like is Unty. For them Ubuntu Gnome Remix is great effort.

  7. ocdude says:

    Dude, fix your screenshots. They are all squished to fit your wordpress theme.

    • vjjustin says:

      Hi thanks for the effort. I didn’t know the images looked that bad for some. Unfortunately I have only one laptop and the images loads perfectly fine. Learned nice lesson for the future.

      Nevertheless it should be fixed now. Resized the images. Please let me know if anyone still have issues.

  8. Innocent Bystander says:

    Duplicated efforts? May be LinuxMint would do the same soon?

    • Todd H. says:

      Here’s hoping that Mint 11 will stick with their slick Gnome 2.x interface. Rumors are that they will.

      And I will be moving my primary PCs from Ubuntu to Mint. Didn’t think that was going to happen, but Unity and Gnome3 make customizing the interface so difficult that it makes me crazy. I came over to Linux just because I was able to make my own decisions.

      From the little I have used it, Mint seems like a fine OS in a lot of ways. They beautify the UI, but more importantly they take the “ouch” out of the bleeding edge Ubuntu experimentation.

      • vjjustin says:

        Nope, mint 11 will be using gnome 3.0 version. but without the shell. But adding shell to mint will be easy since all the gnome 3.0 library will be readily available.

  9. It just sounds like one of many Ubuntu forks to me. There are dozens out there, only a handful of which are “sanctioned” by Canonical.

    Personally, I don’t see much of a difference between Unity and Gnome Shell, they look nearly identical to me. (I don’t like either) But, we’ll see if this goes anywhere. If nothing else, this project might not get an official sanction by Canonical, but they just might by Gnome. 😉

    • vjjustin says:

      gnome is not just about gnome shell. It also contain all the underlying architecture, gtk3+ and all the libraries etc. gnome shell is just the tip of the iceberg. This remix is not just about gnome shell so it is not just about the unity vs shell arg.

      Just to clarify, they don’t need any ‘sanction’ from canonical to go ahead with the project. This is free and open source software we are talking about.

      • Dude, you’re twisting my words all around.

        1.) I never said anywhere that Gnome was just about Gnome-shell. However, if you’ve read any of the releases from the Gnome development team about Gnome 3, you’d know that the main focus of Gnome 3 is the new interface, Gnome-shell. And, clearly, this project is all about Ubuntu with standard Gnome 3 instead of Unity. It says so on their front page:

        “This project is based almost entirely on regular Ubuntu, with just a few changes to the interface.”

        2.) I never said they needed a sanction from Canonical to do anything. I know what Ubuntu is, what Linux is and all about open source.

  10. Frank says:

    Ubuntu Gnome Remix

    A few years ago this would have been an oxymoron.

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  12. Bilal Akhtar says:

    Well I am able to get a fully functional and flawless GNOME3 with Shell desktop on my Natty box by enabling the GNOME3 ppa @ ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3 and then upgrading all packages. This distro will be that PPA + just some minor branding tweaks I guess.

    • vjjustin says:

      well, I might disagree. Considering your review of gnome shell a couple of weeks ago and the issues you listed out, I might say you do not have a fully functional and flawless gnome 3 (unless you changed/updated something again in between). Most of the issues were the result of gnome 3.0 libraries clashing with ubuntu base and unity as pointed out in the comments section of that post.

  13. Kevin says:

    Why bother? Just upgrade to a better distro. Here’s a little story for you. I recently set up an Ubuntu install on a USB stick for “emergencies”. While in this system, I can’t even enjoy listening to my favorite music from my local hard drive without occasional pops and stuttering thanks to PulseAudio. Question: how many processor cores and gigabytes of RAM does it take to get smooth, fast audio playback? Surely more than six and eight respectively, because that’s what I’ve got and I still can’t enjoy my music with PA running. My tunes play just fine though in Debian with ALSA. It NEVER skips or stutters.

    If I wanted to use a system where someone was always pushing an unwanted agenda on me, I would have stuck to Windows in the first place. Looks like the only people who can produce a usable desktop are the ones who aren’t even targeting the desktop market. How ironic!

    Now I must find another live Linux system with excellent hardware support out of the box (not Debian) but without a broken audio system. Got any suggestions?

    • vjjustin says:

      “Why bother? Just upgrade to a better distro”
      These better distros are the efforts of some one else who were not satisfied with what others offered and made what they think appropriate for their target audience.

      as for the suggestion may be you could try linuxmint.

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  15. Chris says:

    Wow! I’m very glad to see that our project is becoming very popular!

  16. ed says:

    This whining and crybaby stuff happens whenever a new version of something comes out. It’s also pathetic every time too. Don’t like it? Then do something about it, or use something else. People really make me sick.

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  19. JackLeo says:

    Can’t wait 🙂 good luck.

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  22. Richard Fox says:

    I don’t like unity and I dislike Gnome 3 even more, been using Linux Mint on my laptop and I like the mint menu. Only time will tell what my next OS will be.

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  24. Michael says:

    Screenshots are still squished

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  26. Chris says:

    Hey, we’ve fixed a ton more bugs, and we have the Gnome 2.32 fallback session working. Also, you can now install ugr with a simple shell script.

  27. graylion says:

    major question: will the “classic” run with compiz?

  28. ange says:

    Distrowatch delete all comments about Ubuntu Gnome Shell Remix!

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