There has been many gnome shell reviews lately, both positively and negatively. Some are worried about lost functionality and less configuration options. But gnome shell really pack a nice array of ‘not so widely discussed’ real capabilities which could make all these skeptics happy. One of these is the extension framework which could really make the gnome shell an awesome piece of software. Till now there wasn’t much to see/experience what these extensions could actually do apart from the gnome live page

But yesterday, a video updated to the YouTube shows what to expect from these extensions. It is a simpler extension wherein a screenshot application shows the countdown on screen before actually taking the screenshot. But of course, words aren’t enough to experience the beauty of the implementation.

See for yourself:

(The video itself do not have very good quality but is enough to see what is happening in there.)

The best part about the extension framework is that it is nothing but javascript and css and you could really wait for awesome extensions to pile up once the framework is out.


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  1. tracyanne says:

    yet another review of GNOME Shell that gives the impression that GNOME 3 is GNOME Shell, rather than that GNOME Shell is THE PART of GNOME 3 that is designed with Tablets/Touch screen devices in mind.

    GNOME Shell will not and Does not provide the necessary functionality and usability for my setup, a large screen/multi screen rig with 1920 by 1200 pixel monitors.

    But then it doesn’t have to, because GNOME 3 isn’t GNOME Shell.

    • vjjustin says:

      agree with you that gnome 3 isn’t ‘JUST’ gnome shell. may be you forgot that ‘just’.

      But I didn’t said anything which could have made that impression upon you. I clearly said just about gnome shell and not about gnome 3 and I didn’t appear I am. The extensions are part of the shell AFAIK.

      And even though gnome 3 is not just gnome shell, even the gnome developers agree that gnome shell is the face of gnome 3. Remember the reasons why they wanted fedora to have the gnome 3 wallpaper as the default choice (Please go through their mail archives).

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  4. graylion says:

    what about the concern for multi-screen setups? you do remain conspicuously silent every time somebody mentions that. Face it, this is becoming more and more standard as screens are now cheap.

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