After a fresh installation/up-gradation of Ubuntu, many users find themselves wondering what happened to their touch-pad/mouse? I am one of those users who, before each upgrade, spends time wondering what next could happen to my touch-pad. My prime concern is the slow pointer speed. I prefer and accustomed to very fast pointer speeds and hate to death those turtle-like speed of my pointer.

I spend too much of my time searching and reading solutions from various internet sites and tried many of the solutions without good results. Tried many things from old HAL manipulations to changing synclient settings. Today I will talk about a small utility which helps to set many touch-pad/mouse pointer settings.

Okay, enough history; to the solution:-

The tool is called gpointing-device-settings. Go install it first.
Open papa terminal, and type

sudo apt-get install gpointing-device-settings

Now run the tool, type Alt+F1 -> gpointing-device-settings.
There is nothing much left to be said. All the settings are self explanatory. If you do not understand a particular setting, better leave it alone!!!

Ok, its my mistake; there is something left to be said.

1) When you set the pointer speed, be very careful. When I changed my settings, I was desperate to get a fast pointer that I set the minspeed to the maximum. I had a wonderful hour in my life trying to control and change the setting back to something useful.
2) Another point to note is, when you set the scrolling speed (I tried vertical scrolling) please note that the actual values are inverted. That is when you set the maximum speed for scrolling, you actually get minimum speed. If you want faster scrolling move setting closer to minimum.

In the screenshot you see a very fast setting for the scrolling. I think this is a hilarious mistake from the coders, unless someone purposely set it this way to confuse others.

Update: Changing the synclient settings are a better option even though those settings does not appear to work on my system. To change values type in your terminal,

synclient -l

This will list the current values of the parameters. If you want to edit any of them type in terminal,

synclient [parameter name]=[value]

for all the parameters you want to change.
for ex: To change minimum speed enter in terminal,

synclient MinSpeed=1.8 && synclient MaxSpeed=2.8

To automatically apply these changes after each login create an entry in startup applications (in menu preferences->startup applications->add) give any name in ‘name’ field and copy the above command to the ‘command’ field

qwertasJust1mailqwerasd I know that for some users, this could be just another ‘wonderful solution that does not work’ for them. But may be some users could benefit from this. Thank you!!!


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